Quality and Qualifications Ireland, Ireland

Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server

Quality and Qualifications Ireland, Ireland

Giovanni Zaidan

Project Manager, ICT Unit

May 4, 2016

We had the opportunity to work with Ispirer in 2015 as we needed to migrate an Oracle Database to MS SQL Server. The database supported a number of core business processes with an external piece used heavily by our customers. The project included the migration of the DB and the refactoring of all SQL queries held in the iBatis data persistence framework.

Also included was optimisation to ensure no degradation in service was encountered by our users. Whilst the database was relatively small in size i.e. 32GB, there were additional complexities that needed to be considered including the handling of materialised views. We had a small window to complete migration.

Ispirer took responsibility for the entire migration. They worked through issue resolution as we encountered issues during both functional and performance testing phases. We found the Ispirer team, business manager and technical team, to be professional and competent and very responsive in addressing the issues that we raised. The project completed successfully within agreed timelines.

We were impressed by the quality of their work and would have no hesitation in recommending them for database migration solutions.


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