Noanet, Argentina

Informix to Microsoft SQL Server

Noanet, Argentina

Jose Luis Vega Albarracín

Gerente General

July 6, 2020

Several months ago we were looking for an efficient solution for automated database migration from Informix to MS SQL Server.

We had the first chance to use the auto-conversion tool above for a DB migration project. We used the tool for migrating Informix 12.10 FC10 database to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP2 UC10. The outcome of using the tool was beyond expectation as it helped us to significantly reduce manual effort and shorten the timeline with high accuracy.

Thanks to Ispirer for providing such a useful tool for data base migration projects and I would recommend to anyone having the same kind of project to use the tool for effort/cost saving, and to mitigate risks/challenges.

Hope to work with Ispirer again in the future.


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