NedGraphics, The Netherlands

Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server

NedGraphics, The Netherlands

Mark Smit

Project Manager Aviation

July 15, 2015

We were facing a time critical project requiring the migration of a solution on an Oracle database in PL/SQL to Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL. Although we have many years of experience on Oracle, we barely had any on SQL Server. This was a project comprising roughly 150,000 lines of code across 200 packages. Ispirer took care of the entire migration in a time span of only a few months. The initial version was already highly functional, providing their expertise and capacities in this field. During the maintenance period the product was further perfected, and we found them highly responsive, professional, reliable and dedicated to find solutions to the problems we were facing.

The result was a successful migration and a happy customer. We could not have done this project without the help of Ispirer. Also our management was impressed, proven by the fact that they have started a new project with Ispirer, and when we do a similar project, I will definitely work with them again. Ispirer will not let you down.


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