Mixon, United States

Informix to Microsoft SQL Server

Mixon, United States

Wm D Mixon


February 23, 2016

To whom it may concern;

Recently it became necessary to migrate approximately 100 Gb of data from Informix database to Microsoft SQL Server environment. We were looking for a tool that would help us to carry out this migration quickly and qualitatively. Finally, we selected Ispirer Migration and Modernization toolkit, which turned out to be a very easy to use and efficient product. We can't speak to all the features, but what we use is great.

We were able to set up daily, then hourly transfers of data to keep the two databases in sync until the project could be completed and stand alone in MS SQL. Ispirer’s table transfer capability made the process clean and seamless.

We are very pleased to have become one of Ispirer’s clients. As soon as we had accepted their proposal, the whole project was quickly underway and it was completed in a short period of time. We were positively impressed by the quality of the migration results. It was nice to work with this knowledgeable and incredibly responsive team. We definitely recommend Ispirer as a reliable provider of database and application migration solutions.


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