Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL


Francesco Fuzio

Global Head of Software Development

October 9, 2017

IT SOFTWARE is focused on delivering cutting edge solutions for order-handling, pre-trade risk and market data to and for Global Markets.

Our Easy Trade™ platform, currently installed with great success around the Globe, supports integrated functionalities of Smart Order Routing, Order Management, Market Making, Trading, Risk Management and Electronic Matching.

In late 2016 we’ve selected Ispirer MnMTK to migrate our data set on SQL Server (15GB, 300 tables, more than 1000 Stored Procedures, Functions and Views with around 200 000 lines of code in them) to a MySql database.

Ispirer MnMTK tool proved to be easy to install and configure, with great usability and, most important, conversion process has been accurate and fast.

Ispirer has been a great choice not only for the tool but also thanks to its very flexible and supportive team. All our requests for the Toolkit extensions were handled in a timely and accurate manner. The Tool has been tuned to meet our project’s requirements. For example, Ispirer technical team has corrected the conversion of DML commands and has created the function that emulates datetime concatenation in MySQL.

We definitely recommend Ispirer solution for complex MS SQL Server to MySql database migrations.


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