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Intelligent, Custom and Highly Automated Cross Platform Database and Application Migration

Ispirer Software

Ispirer Systems has made a great contribution to the automated cross-platform migration with the creation of its prime product Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. The purpose of a highly efficient Ispirer MnMTK toolkit is to ease the most complex and challenging process of the conversion of human-written program code. Ispirer MnMTK migration toolkit support the largest number of the databases and programming technologies. This unique technology offers our clients best-in-class opportunities to modernize database and applications infrastructure extremely quickly.

    Ispirer MnMTK main features:

    Database Schema Migration Converts tables, indexes, NULL, default values, primary and foreign keys, unique and check constraints, identity columns, synonyms, comments and other database objects and properties.

    Data Migration Supports all data types including large objects (LOB) and uses high performance tools for data transfer.

    Server-Side Business Logic Migration Converts stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers and views with database connection or without it (SQL scripts conversion).

    Application Conversion Converts applications between various platforms and programming languages.

    Database API Conversion Supports conversions between ODBC, JDBC, Oracle OCI, Oracle Pro*C, Sybase CT/LIB and other interfaces.

    Embedded SQL Conversion Migrates SQL statements written inline with a program source code.

    Ispirer MnMTK toolkit Structure:

    ● Migration and Modernization (MnM) Engine is a command line tool that can be run in batch mode and can perform the automatic conversion of the database or the database and application code provided in scripts.

    ● SQLWays Wizard is a GUI tool that is designed to simplify the database conversion process tuning for Ispirer MnM Engine. Works with the source database using the ODBC connection.

    ● Migration Studio - is a GUI tool that has been designed to simplify the database or application script conversion process tuning for Ispirer MnM Engine. Works with one script at a time.

    ●Migration Commander - is a GUI tool that is made to simplify the database or application scripts conversion process tuning for Ispirer MnM Engine. Works with several scripts at a time.

Additional programs

Ispirer Systems company has been developing Ispirer MnMTK migration toolkit over the years, and now we are pleased to offer additional software:

Ispirer MnMATK will help you to collect statistical information about your database or application and get better understanding of the size of your migration project. It will provide you with a full report on the number of tables, data volume, number of database objects and the number of lines of code in each database object type.

Comparator - is a tool with a comparison function. At the end of the conversion, the tool compares the source and target databases and determines the difference between them. You can compare only data and tables by - tables names, number of columns, column names, column types, number of data lines etc. Using Database Comparison Wizard, you can see whether there is a discrepancy or if something is missing.

Replication Tool - is a tool designed to replicate scripts created in Ispirer MnMTK. Ispirer MnMTK builds additional objects (triggers and replication tables) in a source database. Replicator tracks information about lines of data that have been added, changed or deleted. All this information is stored in the replication tables and the Replication tool updates the target database in accordance with the changes made to the source database.

To learm more and to watch the Demo Presentation about the Ispirer Replication Tool, please go to the Ispirer Replication Tool page.

Ispirer On The Fly Data Migrator will help you to migrate data from source to destination database without its intermediate saving. Using this tool, you can easily transfer a huge amount of data from source to target database. The tool can also be customized according to your requirements.

Power Builder Source Extractor - this tool, specially designed for Sybase PowerBuilder, helps Ispirer MnMTK to convert PowerBuilder applications at the script level. Source Extractor excerpts scripts from PBL files and places them into a separate folder. Afterwards with the use of Ispirer MnMTK these scripts can be transformed into new scripts and can be embedded into another application.

See a non-interactive presentation of PBExtractor tool, with the following link: PowerBuilder Source Extractor (online-presentation)

In order to purchase our tool licenses and migration services, please contact Sales and Customer Support.

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