Delphi to Java Online Presentation

Demo presentation text:

Hello, today in this demo we will show you how our tool Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 can convert Delphi to Java project. There are some main principles of conversion:

• DFM and PAS files are converted to different files.

• Java class converted from dfm contains Java equivalent of Delphi components, their initialization and settings.

• Java class converted from pas contains business logic of application and action handlers.

First, we should open Ispirer Migration Commander. It’s the most powerful tool for conversion projects with flexible setting opportunities. Let’s start our demonstration of pas file migration.

We need to choose source files, you can see them here; then, we need to select target folder. Also we need to specify ini-file with conversion options: to do this, we click options – migration. In this area we need to specify a path to ini-file. It contains SWING option in our case.

After that we need to specify source and target directions for our migration: we select Delphi as source and Java as target. Then we can start migration by clicking Run button or f5. It can take some minutes. As you can see we’ve selected only pas file, Commander tries to find .dfm to convert them together. You can see that conversion log appears at the bottom of the screen and Java classes are saved in the target folder at the right panel.

According to the main conversion principles of this direction, ShowMessage is java class corresponding to pas file with the same name. The form is initialized in constructor, overridden actionPerformed method and link to Form2 are added. Button1Click procedure is converted to Button1Click method. So you-ve seen conversion of one script.

Also, we can see results of the migration of *.dfm file which is TForm2 java class with form, button and statictextfield. Form initialization happens in the constructor, and the component initialization is in initTForm2 method. Converted components are created, sized, positioned and set there.

In addition, in this demo we will show how Ispirer MnMTK 2015 can convert the whole Delphi project. First, we need to choose *.dpr file as file for migration. The other steps are the same. To start conversion click run-button or F5.

So, let’s analyze the results. They are almost the same, but you can see that one more java class is generated. It is java class with the same name as *.dpr file and this class is used to start java application.

This is how our tool can proceed with Delphi. Hope this Demo was useful. Feel free to contact us for more information about our conversion tools and services. Thank you for your attention!

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