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Do you need to convert SQL database objects to Java? We are here to help you. Ispirer has technologies for a successful migration of SQL objects to Java. Great experience of our technical experts and innovative solutions guarantee a smooth migration process of database business logic to Java. Ispirer Toolkit migrates database business logic of any complexity to Java application with JDBC connection. For example, it migrates Oracle packages, procedures and functions to Java classes with methods, which connect to the database through JDBC.

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Oracle PL/SQL to Java Conversion Demo

Check out how Ispirer Toolkit automatically converts Oracle PL/SQL to Java application.

We are ready to migrate your SQL objects to such Java Frameworks as JPA, Hibernate, MVC, Spring, JSF, GWT, Angular JS, etc.. We also offer migration of database business logic to such directions as Vertica (Java UDx), Neoview (SPJs), NonStop (SPJs), Splice Machine (functions and stored procedures as LANGUAGE JAVA), etc., where Java classes are generated according to the specifics of classes’ and methods’ realization for their following integration in JAR-file and its connection to the database.
We try to develop our tool in such a way, which allows to satisfy your most complicated needs. Ispirer Toolkit is capable of migrating SQL-objects in two ways: through ODBC connection to a source database or scripts separately.

Benefits You Get

Considerable time and efforts saving

The conversion process is significantly speeded up through the automation, thus the project is completed within the shortest time period and with your minimal effort.

High quality, easy maintanable result

We tailor the toolkit to achieve the highest level of automation. You get clean and transparent code in the target technology, prepared for further development and modification.

Advantages of the latest technologies

You completely get rid of the old technology, and thus no any middleware is used after the process. You only have to enjoy the advantages of future-proof technologies.

What Our Customers Say

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C/C++, AutoLISP to C# .NET

Oracle PL/SQL to Splice Machine

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