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WeCare Technologies, Palestine

Oracle to SAP HANA
WeCare Technologies, Palestine. Oracle to SAP HANA

I doubt the there is a better SQL migration tool out there. Does the job smoothly, great support!

The support team are very friendly and helpful, communication goes very well and they provide step by step help if needed.

My company came across Ispirer MnMTK when we were trying to migrate our DB from Oracle to SAP HANA, it was a great challenge for us, since our DB consisted of 150+ tables, views and triggers it's going to cost a lot of time to migrate it, but not with Ispirer MnMTK.

The process is easy as one two three, the migration wizard is very simple, the output is exactly what you would expect.

I would definitely recommend this software to any business seeking to migrate databases with ease, the whole process is done very fast and accurate, both time and money saved.

March 5, 2018 Mohammad Nairat,
Project Team lead at

WeCare Technologies.

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I’ve just tested your tool and I’ve really appreciated the high quality of the conversion, the tool is easy and pleasant to use.

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