Tuning Knife Consulting, United States

Sybase to Oracle

Tuning Knife Consulting, United States

David Lipowitz

Principal Consultant

June 25, 2009

We're working on a huge Sybase to Oracle migration and I can't imagine doing it without Ispirer's SQLWays. There's 85,000+ lines of T-SQL involved and converting it by hand would be impossibly time-consuming and expensive. Plus we need to migrate over 800 database tables, along with their indexes and constraints. SQLWays provides a suite of fast, reliable, and high quality conversion tools. Their product can connect to the source database directly and generate not just DDL, but the scripts to execute everything in the correct order. Plus SQLWays can conveniently convert small amounts of T-SQL when the need arises. The SQLWays command line tools have helped us automate our entire migration. But best of all, Ispirer's support team is professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly responsive. We checked and other products simply do not measure up. I can't think of a better software package for our project or a better company to buy it from.

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