Transfennica Ltd, Finland

Firebird to Microsoft SQL Server

Transfennica Ltd, Finland

Kai Lounia

IT Manager

December 13, 2017

Open source Firebird database 2.51 has served us very well over 12 years of heavy 24/7 use. We had to look for a new database that is supported by Microsoft so the natural decision was to choose MS SQL Server 2016.

After some Googling I found the company called Ispirer and they converted for us two large procedures as an example of the power of their tool. The free Demo was not good enough as our procedures are that long.

Our Database size is about 30GB containing over 400 stored procedures, over 300 triggers and almost 300 tables.

We have been using the licensed version now for a period of three months and the full database has been successfully converted. The conversion of data worked without any issues in the first run.

The conversion run of procedures and triggers takes about 18 hours. There has been a handful of conversion issues, but those has been corrected promptly. We are very pleased of the work ethic of the team helping us and the company is not invoicing for hints and instructions related to the work that we can do on our own. The cost of the conversion tool is very reasonable.

The services given by lspirer has been throughout excellent. The sales response as prompt as one can expect and also the technical support and installation packages were delivered faster than promised and the small issues were fixed within a long holiday weekend!

I can’t do anything but express my gratitude for each and every team member of Ispirer that we have been in contact with.


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