Space 95, Seychelles

Firebird to Microsoft SQL Server

Space 95, Seychelles

Mr.Laranzo Laurence, Senior Programmer

Mr.Andy Noel, Chief Operations Officer

February 26, 2015

SPACE 95 is the leader in providing state of the art technology, while meeting the communication challenges of the new millennium in Seychelles. Our company offers comprehensive services in custom application development and support, websites development, e-commerce solutions, hotel management applications, security and etc.

In late spring 2014 we were challenged to perform complex migration of an old Firebird database into MS SQL Server database. We were on tight deadlines and were looking for an automated solution that could properly migrate Firebird database including tables, data, stored procedures, triggers and views. The Firebird database was almost 3 Gb in size, it contained 351 Tables, 9 Views, 14 Stored Procedures, 105 Triggers and contained over 15 million records. Re-writing the database script and migrating the data to MS SQL could take time and resources that we cannot afford.

We turned to the experts at Ispirer Systems and chose SQLWays as the right solution to accomplish the migration. Within the hour of running SQLWays, we had accomplished everything we set out to do, database script has been seamlessly created in MS SQL and all the data was properly converted.

One of the major benefits of the software is that it migrated the whole database automatically providing an accurate MS SQL Server database. SQLWays saves time and impresses by its powerful approach to the database migration. The tool taught us to think about database migration differently.

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