Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil (SBB), Brazil

Visual Basic to Java Swing

Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil (SBB), Brazil

Eduardo Kerr

System Development Manager

December 4, 2017

SBB is brazilian non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the Holy Bible and, through it, promoting the integral development of the human being.

We are joining effort with several Bible Societies to apply technology to help and improve tools not only for translators but also to general readers of the Bible text. By creating a digital library, Bible resources will be seamlessly connected to multiple Scriptures translations.

We need to migrate a 2500 lines of Visual Basic application to Java, in order to integrated with a Digital Asset Manager System. Ispirer help us through this task and the result was a Java code using Swing, a GUI widget toolkit, for better managing the graphic interface with users.

We were impressed with the working speed, professionality, flexibilty and hard work of the Ispirer team.

We thank Ispirer for cooperation and a job well done.


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