Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg

Oracle to PostgreSQL, C Pro*C to C ECPG

Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg

Paul Wurth S.A.

Applications Engineer, Process Automation Department

August 31, 2015

Ispirer has a very satisfactory and professional approach towards database migration and project communication. This company has a very good understanding for the implementation of client's objectives and requirements.

Paul Wurth appreciates the professionalism of Ispirer; this is our reason for engaging them on multiple projects.

Company profile & Project

The Paul Wurth Group is a leading player in the global market for design and supply of equipment and plant facilities for the ironmaking industry. With more than 1500 employees, the company, headquartered in Luxembourg since its beginnings back in 1870, operates at an international level.

In the field of Process Authomation, Paul Wurth provides an innovative Blast Furnace Expert system BFXpert TM which assists process experts in the optimization of quality, rate and stability of hot metal production. One component of this software solution was facing an RDBMS migration requirement from a customer (from Oracle to PostgreSQL).

Why Ispirer

Due to a shortage of available internal resources, we decided to partially outsource this migration project.

After a market study, we decided to employ the professionalism of Ispirer for these reasons:

  • A positive first experience with them during a previous consultation;
  • Their good reputation was well known;
  • Pricing on services was competitive.


The project was executed in a timely manner, code migration quality was great, communication was easy, and among other positive experiences, their reactivity to our needs was very good.

Ispirer helped us to archieve a successful outcome for our goal.

When the need arises we will not hesitate to involve Ispirer in future challenges in this domain. We feel we can truly rely on their integrity and dedication.


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