Novum, Germany

Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Novum, Germany

Reinhard Hörburger

October 22, 2018

MS SQL Server to Postgresql: Outstanding support and very good conversion quality.

For a client we had to migrate 400GB of data and more than 300 stored procedures and functions from MS SQL Server to Postresql.

After evaluating several tools during a PoC we decided to go with Ispirer Migration Toolkit.

Our stored procedures have been very complex with lots of dynamic SQL. No problem for Ispirer as we had the posiblity to address project specific changes to the development team.

For the stored procedures we achieved a conversion quantity of 100% and conversion quality of 80% for the most complex ones, this was more than we expected.

We've been able to convert several Transact-SQL scripts with the additional tools Ispirer Studio and Commander. Very useful.

We'd like to thank the team of Ispirer for the outstanding support with short reaction times and kind communication.

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