LoadTrek Software, United States

Microsoft SQL Server to MariaDB

LoadTrek Software, United States

October 1, 2015

Recently we have had the opportunity to work with the Ispirer team on the migration of a Microsoft SQL Server database into MariaDB. The migration consisted of moving schema, data and approximately 100,000 lines of code into MariaDB.

We found the Ispirer team to be extremely professional and competent. A highly responsive sales team immediately contacted us, quickly assisted us in understanding the specific challenges involved in our migration and showed us how these challenges would be addressed during the engagement. Once we moved forward with the migration the Ispirer technical team was very responsive in addressing the specific challenges that we faced during our migration by adapting their tool for our needs.

LoadTrek is very satisfied with the customer service from Ispirer technical team. All issues we faced in our post-migration period were resolved immediately. We plan to continue our cooperation with Ispirer and recommend Ispirer and highly recommend the Migration and Modernization ToolKit (MnMTK) to anyone having a database migration project on their plate. They have proven to be a committed and highly competent vendor.


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