Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc., United States

Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc., United States

Pam Murray

IT Director

August 18, 2014

It became necessary for us to migrate our Microsoft SQL Server database to another platform, and we decided on a MySQL environment. We required the migration of all schema, data, triggers and stored procedures in order to maintain correct functionality in our applications.

We turned to the experts at Ispirer Systems for a solution. It was decided to perform the migration in several stages. Initially we migrated the data and triggers. After we successfully completed this initial migration we focused on the migration of stored procedures. All phases of the migration were completed in short order, just 22 days! This was well within our expectations and allowed our transition into the MySQL environment to occur seamlessly. The Ispirer Team was with us every step of the way, addressing the few issues we experienced with the migration quickly and accurately.

The pricing for the services were extremely competitive and allowed us to complete the migration well within our project budget. We would definitely recommend Ispirer Systems to anyone undertaking a database migration project as our expectations were exceeded in every aspect of the project.


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