High Availability Systems Co. Ltd. (HAS), Japan, Oracle to HiRDB

Oracle to HiRDB, Pro*C to HiRDB

High Availability Systems Co. Ltd. (HAS), Japan, Oracle to HiRDB

Yoshiro Suyama

Executive Officer


We have enjoyed great success with Ispirer across a range of migration projects. This time, Ispirer’s project manager suggested us a solution for effectively migrating schema and embedded SQL from Oracle to HiRDB for our Japanese client.

We were provided with an Enterprise license, which included technical support from the Ispirer team. As a proof-of-concept Oracle to HiRDB direction was successfully implemented into the tool. The tool was perfectly customized to the customer’s needs and performed flawlessly. It showed flexibility and encompassed every detail that we requested, even when things changed mid-stream.

Once the initial development was completed, Ispirer’s response and fine-tuning was immediate and effective. The technical assistance we were provided has been excellent. The Ispirer team also worked on specific customization of SQL, COBOL, and ProC.

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