Fantasy Inventions Media Pvt. Ltd., India

Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

Fantasy Inventions Media Pvt. Ltd., India

Rahul Rajput

December 4, 2017

Fantasy Inventions media Pvt Ltd is a startup software and media related company based in INDIA. Among other numerous projects, we are operating an end-to-end enterprise software development /server / media campaign and e-marketing.

In the course of the transition of our databases from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, we were searching for a conversion tool.

Having analyzed many tools and tested several in trial mode, we noticed that the best solution for us is Ispirer MnMTK since it fits all our requirements with error free conversion feature. Besides, it also provides user-friendly interface.

We have used database conversion tool and it is so simple to operate and user Fridley that anyone can use it in a simple way.

We have used Ispirer MnMTK for 1 projects, we have finished very faster since we got familiar with the tool. More than 100 tables with data and 90 stored procedures, views, functions and triggers containing around 3000 lines of code have been successfully converted. The most significant benefit we derived from implementing migration with Ispirer MnMTK was fast and accurate conversion of stored procedures and entire database conversion.

Thanks to Ispirer technical team for their support in both projects which helped us to speed up process and decrease migration period.

It was our pleasure to work with Ispirer team who are professional and reliable.

We would like recommend Ispirer MnMTK to everyone for searching best conversion tool.

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