Extedo, Germany

IBM DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server

Extedo, Germany

Oliver Bosch

Senior Consultant

March 12, 2018

EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Over the years EXTEDO has become one of the leading names in the field of Regulatory Information Management (RIM). With the EXTEDOsuite and expert consultants, EXTEDO is on a mission to enable agencies, CROs and life sciences organizations around the world to bring new products to market faster and safer.


In 2015, we have launched a multinational, long-term project for one of our customers. One project phase required the task of migrating the existing DB2 database of the customer to the SQL2016 format. Due to the positive feedback we have received from others, we decided to go ahead with Ispirer MnMTK. After a simple out of the box installation of Ispirer MnMTK, the tool was ready to be used and we were able to run immediately a first beta migration.

Since the initial migration ran that smoothly, we decided to shrink down the number of test migrations from 5 to 3 before launching the main project phase.

The main project phase had to be accomplished for 3 different environments from test to quality to productive. As the migration of a productive database is always a critical process since the environment needs to be offline in most cases, the main migration process must be precisely and fast with an error tolerance of 0%.

Finally we were able to meet our timelines and satisfy our customer which is not only the earning of the software itself, but related to the outstanding and very cooperative support of the Ispirer team. Thanks to the entire crew!


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