Aqvila Software, Turkey

Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Aqvila Software, Turkey

Kamil Adem

Research & Innovation Manager

October 24, 2021

Aqvila Software provides specialized vertical corporate software solutions to local and global markets and adds value to its customers through innovative development and high service quality. Our ERP solution is currently used by many leading big and medium sized companies in Turkey and abroad covering the complete business processes of the company.

For one of our projects in fresh fruit and vegetable market, we had to migrate our MSSQL Server code and data to PostgreSQL to reduce the costs and provide a more affordable service to our customers. Analysing several tools for conversion of our SQL code we have selected Ispirer MnMTK as the only one to accomplish our needs thoroughly.

We have converted about 60000 lines of SQL code in 700 views, stored procedures, and triggers on 200 tables using the Ispirer MnMTK tool and the precious support of the Ispirer team. The tool is very user friendly and compact besides being very robust and successful. The conversion success ratio was more than 90% even on very complex queries which was very satisfactory for us and provided a fast transition to PostgreSQL. The main success factor was the extensibility of the tool for our special cases. The technical team supported us very strongly and made feel that we were one team together. The problems we faced were handled very professionally.

We are very pleased working together with Ispirer as a team. They proved to be a reliable solution partner providing a great service. And we would recommend Ispirer to anyone having a similar conversion project.

We hope to work with Ispirer again in the future for our other bigger projects.

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