AgFirst Bay of Plenty Ltd, New Zealand

Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

AgFirst Bay of Plenty Ltd, New Zealand

Brad Stevens

General Manager

June 25, 2009

I would like to congratulate Ispirer systems on their excellent product SQL Ways and the extremely prompt and comprehensive support that they back it up with.

We made the decision to migrate from MS SQL to MySQL and after evaluating a number of migration tools decided SQLWays was the most suitable for our project. Other commercial migration tools and the free MySQL migration tool were simply not up to the task of migrating components of our database such as triggers and stored procedures.

    We found SQL Ways post sales support was excellent:
  • Responses to our support queries were always answered promptly
  • Customisations to the software to cope with issues as they arose were made quickly
  • Database knowledge was excellent and appreciated as we were still learning some of the differences in MYSQL
  • We saw continual improvements in the product as we got new versions, speed of the migration for example
  • Log files generated allowed issues to be resolved both by us and byIspirer remotely

I would have no hesitation recommending Ispirer Systems and their SQLWays product for anyone planning a database migration project.

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