Yuri Koran - Chief Technology Officer

Yuri Koran

Yuri Koran

Chief Technology Officer

"I believe in empowering development through stronger teamwork, adaptability, and efficient processes. It's about driving product excellence, embracing short development cycles, automated testing, and valuing continuous customer feedback."

Yuri started his IT journey in 1998 as a software engineer in the Telecom sector. Over the span of more than a decade, he cultivated proficiency in software development, database administration, and data migration. Yuri’s proficiency in handling complex migration and development challenges not only enhanced the efficiency of software solutions but also served as a foundation for his promotion into leadership roles.

Having accumulated rich experience in software development and displaying strong leadership qualities, Yuri took to a management position as the Head of IT department at ICT service provider. In this role, he successfully orchestrated the implementation of robust and scalable IT architectures, optimizing efficiency and elevating overall organizational performance.

Later on, Yuri transitioned to the role of Pre-Sales Manager at Teradata, where he successfully connected technical intricacies with client expectations. His skill set paved the way for successful collaborations, contributing to his effectiveness in navigating client relationships.

Building on this experience, Yuri assumed the role of Solution Architect, managing projects with data volumes ranging from 10TB to 1PB+. Yuri showcased his capability to design, plan, manage, maintain, and document data infrastructure and data products within the context of complex projects. His hands-on involvement played a crucial role in the successful implementation of robust data solutions. Yuri’s proficiency in management coupled with a focus on client satisfaction, earned him recognition as the Trusted Advisor by customers from Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Now Yuri is a key executive at Ispirer responsible for shaping and driving the organization's technological vision and strategy. His key focus area is making informed decisions to enhance the company's overall technological infrastructure and competitiveness, managing the technical side of Ispirer projects, aligning technology initiatives with the company's goals and ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT systems.

Yuri contributes invaluable insights and expertise to our blog. Check his vision on the role of language models in the complex automated database migration and application code conversion.