What’s New in Ispirer Toolkit, July 2022

July 7, 2022

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements

Dear customers and friends,

We are here again to present you the July updates of Ispirer Toolkit.
Find out about the new, innovative features of the product:

  • Improved conversion of cursors, collections used in FROM clause, dbms_obfuscation_toolkit package; added conversion of UTL_RAW package (REVERSE and SUBSTR functions) for Oracle to Java direction.
  • Improved conversion of aliases used inside subquieries for Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server direction.
  • Improved conversions of INSERT into XML columns, SELECT with FOR XML construction, TRY CATCH block without RETURN, call procedure statement that returns result set in variable, and conversion of OBJECT_ID statement for Microsoft SQL Server to Java direction.
  • Improved conversion of exception handlers, CURSORs with RETURN clause, RETURN status from procedures; added conversion of options NEW\FINAL TABLE in FROM clause for Db2 to Microsoft SQL Server direction.
  • Improved conversion of constant variables in packages for Oracle to PostgreSQL direction.
  • Improved conversion of UTL_FILE package (FOPEN, PUT, FCLOSE methods) for Oracle to MariaDB direction.
  • Improved conversion of DEFINED SHARED variables; added conversion of FOR FIRST construction for Progress 4GL to C# direction.
  • Improved formatting of the generated PostgreSQL target code; added full reports containing information about the converted object in a readable format.

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Ispirer Systems Team

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