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Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle

TSS Consultancy, India

Sameer Tanna


June 21, 2018

It all began with my company looking for migration of SQL Server database to Oracle. Trying more than 10 tools available, yielded no significant results and all efforts were in vain. Then we came across Ispirer Mnmtk tool, and it gave us a ray of hope that this was exactly what we were looking for.

It was a great challenge for us since our DB consisted of 1000+ tables, 1500+ procedures, views, functions, and triggers.
Our business logic was one of the major concern as the complexity was very high and we doubt whether any tool would give us 100% results. However, Ispirer Mnmtk proved to be efficient and one of the most promising tools for the purpose.

Ispirer’s team was able to meet and deliver our requirements to the highest standard. They revamped Ispirer Mnmtk with all the extensions we asked for and were quick to provide a resolution. We were assigned an amazing team who were prompt, responsive, patient and worked with us mutually to resolve all the issues.

Co-operation and flexibility, we received couldn’t be better!

I am sure there is no tool in the market that does the job so smoothly and would highly recommend this tool to everyone who is seeking to Migrate database with ease.

Thanking Ispirer for a job well done!


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