InterBase to Microsoft SQL Server


Xavier Ordrenneau

Head of Computer Studies Office

January 17, 2018

Within the framework of the factory's supervisory and information system updating project we were looking for a tool to migrate the existing "Interbase 6.0" database to "Microsoft SQL Server". Very quickly, our choice fell on the software "Ispirer MnMTK 2017", and the first migration was accomplished very quickly with 98% level of automatization. Only a few technical peculiarities related to the "Interbase" ("generator" in particular) were problematic, but thanks to the great reactivity of Ispirer, the migration of the schema and data was successfully completed.

We can only recommend your software that combines ease of use and good migration performance, all with a commercial and technical dynamism that is difficult to find nowadays.

We thank Ispirer again for very effective cooperation on this issue.

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