Rowlett Public Library, United States

Rowlett Public Library, United States

Kathy Freiheit

Director of Library Services

July, 2014

We recently had an urgent need to migrate our existing Sybase ASE database into a MySQL environment. In order to accomplish this we turned to the experts at Ispirer Systems and their SQLWays Migration Toolset. We purchased a Standard License of the SQLWays in support of the migration of our schema and vital data from Sybase ASE to MySQL.

The SQLWays tool proved to be extremely accurate, very well engineered and ideal to our purpose. With the help of the tool we were able to migrate the schema and data from nearly 1000 tables containing approximately 100 Gigabytes of data. The software performed extremely well, providing an accurate MySQL database. While we required very little support during our migration, when we did require assistance from the Ispirer team it was provided quickly and resulted in the immediate resolution of our challenge. The SQLWays license we purchased provided an outstanding value to our migration team.

The Ispirer team of friendly professionals and knowledgably approach to our migration resulted in a great working experience. We are pleased to recommend the SQLWays toolset and the Ispirer team to anyone undertaking a database migration.

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