Red Soluciones Tecnológicas, Ecuador

Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL

Red Soluciones Tecnológicas, Ecuador

Fernando Rivera


October 20, 2020

Sybase SQL Anywhere ver.803 to PostgreSQL Migration

Red Soluciones is a company based in Quito-Ecuador that is dedicated to the development of customized software in areas such as financial-accounting, insurance, medicine and manufacturing. We have been developing this activity for more than 25 years.

Around the year 2017, we decided to migrate the databases, which we have been using in all our development projects, to PostgreSQL. We did put together a working team, but failed due to the scale of the project and the heterogeneity of our databases. The failure was caused by the time and expenses required for the conversion. Therefore, we started looking for and researching companies that provide this service. We analyzed and tried out lots of the tools in test mode. Finally, we opted for Ispirer because of the obtained results.

We started the migration process in March 2020. It took us about 7 months to convert 50 databases with an average size of 500MB to 2GB. Some syntax changes had to be made initially, until finally the tool performed the conversion efficiently. In the process, we converted an average of 500 tables per database, 600 stored procedures, triggers, and views containing about 150,000 lines of code. Of the entire migration process, the most valuable and essential thing was the transformation of stored procedures that was executed accurately.

A special mention for the support of the Ispirer technical team, who were always ready to support us throughout the entire process. Moreover, their flexibility contributed to the success of the migration.

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