Onyx Sistemas, Brazil

Firebird to PostgreSQL

Onyx Sistemas, Brazil

Marivaldo Santos

Managing Partner

April 18, 2018

The Ispirer Systems team played a crucial part in my migration from FirebirdSQL database to PostgreSQL. Thus, The database analysis was carried out with the help of their tools, and the service that would take months was carried out instantly, without delays; the conversion scope contained:

  • More than 210 tables;
  • More than 55 procedures;
  • More than 53310 lines of data;
  • More than 3880 of meta-data;
  • Tiggers, Generators, etc.

  • Ispirer demonstrated attitude, professionalism and interest in the project. Their answers are quick and we are very satisfied with their services. So besides being a partner, it has become a reliable and capable provider of quality results. We are happy about our new database, since it is the project that was stopped for almost 1 (one) year and has finally been remedied.

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