MicroEdge LLC, United States

Sybase ASA to Microsoft SQL Server (including embedded SQL migration in PowerBuilder)

MicroEdge LLC, United States

Tom Rolseth

May 30, 2014

MicroEdge faced a challenge of migration from a Sybase SQL Anywhere Server environment into Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the modification of inline SQL statements within the end users existing PowerBuilder Application for compatibility with the new Microsoft SQL Server environment. The scope of the project involved the migration of numerous tables, scripts, stored procedures, triggers, functions and views.

Since we had already engaged with the Ispirer team on a similar project and were satisfied with the result, this time we have chosen a proven and reliable vendor.

The SQLWays Tool made it possible for us to quickly convert all database objects automatically. SQLWays migration tool worked great and due to constant support provided by Ispirer technical specialists, our cooperation has brought us outstanding value.

MicroEdge is pleased to strongly recommend SQLWays migration tool for conversion of databases to anyone planning a database migration. And our company will definitely look to Ispirer again for solutions to our migration challenges.

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