C/C++ Development Services

Technology professionals across all industries look to optimize tech habits at speed and scale. For success in the digital world companies need a high-performing application for their day-to-day tasks.

C/C++ is widely used among the developers in systems programming, database software and numerous real-world applications. C++ is optimum in developing applications of these types, if you know how to make the best use of its features. Unique underlying structure, extensibility and configurable architecture could be used to develop compact, flexible applications in C/C++. Become a tech company, no matter what business you are running.

Application Modernization in C/C++

It is not enough for code to work. Our capable consultants perform testing and define the scope of your legacy modernization project.

It may not be reasonable to replace the key function of your business all the way through.<

Consulting services for any organization to identify performance bottlenecks of your business application. Widely-used software may lack consistency and need optimization. Legacy modernization strategies range from limited refactoring, replatforming to migration (into another programming language) and an entire app rebuild.

Integration issues with some other technologies can also be resolved by interaction with our C/C++developers. Make an optimal transition with us. You can trust our team of experts to move your legacy application to C# or Java.

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During the modernization of the system, you may need C/C++ Conversion or to make changes to the integration between applications and databases, thus we offer a comprehensive conversion of the Embedded SQL statements and Database APIs.

Application Development in C/C++

We apply the best development practices to build a new application fast from scratch.

Based on your requirements our experienced team develops an intelligent application in C/C++ optimized for your business. Newest functionalities will be applied to better align with your customer demands and create new revenue streams.

Make gains from our quality engineering professionals’ skills. You invest reasonably with Ispirer. We develop data storage systems, subsystems, plug-ins and extensible storage engines.

Ispirer experts share expertise in embedded GUI application development in C/C++. You easily run and enjoy a user-friendly interface. Get a simple UI which calls an app able to handle highly sophisticated operations on the fly. We use XSLT primarily to transform XML into HTML while developing applications in C/C++. You get clear, simple and maintainable code keeping pace with modern advances. Ispirer team develops perfectly readable applications in modern C++ to maximize capabilities of your business.

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Why Ispirer Team?

Cross-platform development

Benefit from Ispirer expertise in cross-platform applications development for Windows/Linux/Unix simultaneously. Your application can be built for any one of this operating systems. Moreover, by virtue of adopting agile methods our developers accommodate your application to different operating systems to make it cross-platform.

High performance and hardware optimization

Ispirer best practices can help tune a C/C++ application to better take advantage of your hardware. Optimal employment of hardware resources contributes to high productivity of any application. Make the process of application usage scalable and effective with us.

Get an intelligent and competitive application

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in product development in C++. We put a strong focus on what the code is really doing. Having made a long journey cultivating programs in elegant C++ language, we are eager to share expertise with our customers. At Ispirer we squeeze technology to get a competitive advantage for your company.

Next-generation application development

We leverage a modern application development approach to implement innovation in your business. Be on the spot of new functionality and requirements with the latest version software (C++ 11/14/17/20). In case an application isn’t in line with the C++ 11 version, we can render it compliant with it.

Flexible and productive data management

You choose any RDBMS or Database Access API for your application. And we take care of adjusting a piece of software to a specific platform without compromising the performance and scalability. Moreover, you may migrate from one database to another within your existing application with Ispirer. Need help with target database selection? There is no ideal platform. But an ideal platform for your business needs can be found. Ispirer engineers can customize one of the open-source databases for you as well.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

Clients’ data security is of much concern at Ispirer. Implementing data protection technics plays a great role in improving customer experience. To assure secure data access, storage and transfer we implement data at rest and data in motion. With data-at-rest encryption we avoid foreign access and data breach.

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