Technology Partners


Ispirer participates in Microsoft Partner Network and is declared to be a trustful provider of migration solutions into Microsoft Technology Stack. Ispirer has demonstrated competency in the area of Data Platform migration. Ispirer Toolkit is among Microsoft Partner tools.

We collaborate on modernization and migration opportunities. One of the latest projects performed refers to database migration and involved a successful proof of technology.


Within Global Solutions Directory, IBM consolidates all types of products and services provided by Business Partners. Ispirer participates in IBM Global Solutions Directory and offers migration solutions worldwide. We acknowlege the value add of teaming with IBM to bring solutions to our customer's business problems.

Google Cloud Platform

Ispirer is a valued member of the Google Cloud Platform. As a member, Ispirer is among the experts providing professional services for Google Cloud Platform.

Ispirer team has sights on forming business relationships with branch makers and providing automated database migration solutions globally. Our goal is to build integrated products and contribute to customer success with the help of innovative solutions within Google Cloud Partner Advantage. The program empowers partners with tools, technology and support in order to move our businesses forward.


Ispirer Systems consolidates resources with MicroFocus to provide the comprehensive data transformation experience and Vertica solutions. Vertica delivers the fastest, most scalable unified analytics warehouse. Our technological partnership is dedicated to providing migration solutions across industries and efficiently managing data.

ScienceSoft Inc.

ScienceSoft Inc. and Ispirer have completed a range of projects working side by side. This is a leading Eastern European IT outsourcing company offering resources to Ispirer. Their key strengths include 250+ IT staff, ISO 9001:2000 certification and 19 years of market experience. ScienceSoft's technological expertise is concentrated in the areas such as automated application migration, mobile technologies, and software testing.

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