Alex Mihutski - Head of Database Migration Department

Alex M.

Alex Mihutski

Head of Database Migration Department

"To unlock the full potential of your database it is critical to go through a thorough planning process and create a comprehensive migration strategy that encompasses all the conversion challenges."

In 2016 Alex started his IT career as a junior database migration expert where he dealt with clients’ migration projects and contributed to the Ispirer tools improvement. 7+ years in the position helped Alex to build comprehensive expertise in the area of migration and modernization of Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and other databases.

Following the success of more than 10 large-scale migration projects, Alex has been promoted to middle database engineer. Active participation in clients' database modernization projects allowed him to gain in-depth expertise and practical skills in modernization of such databases as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase and others. Additionally, Alex is a seasoned expert in converting COBOL and Informix 4GL programming languages. Among the most salient projects are projects for Gijima, and SCC.

Currently, Alex is a Head of Database Migration department, specializing in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, with extensive knowledge and experience in converting these databases. One of the recent projects that Alexey has made a major contribution to is the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration project for a healthcare organization.

Ispirer migration practice is constantly evolving as Alex keeps an eye on the latest developments and analyzes and incorporates innovative approaches. He also regularly shares his experience and research with the readers in Ispirer blog. Among his recent articles was a piece about MongoDB migration.