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Automated and Customizable
Database and Application
Migration and Modernization

Unix Shell Scripts Migration

We have been spending years to make our automated database migration software Ispirer MnMTK more powerful, functional and attractive to the client. Today not only do we propose the database conversion tool MnMTK for stored procedure migration, function migration, trigger migration, view migration, schema migration and data migration. We help understand our clients the value of automated database and application migration solutions that enable business growth.

We have had to think outside the box and now MnMTK is empowered to migrate API and embedded SQL statements. At present with the help of our migration tool you can convert Unix shell scripts.

Shell scripts provide opportunity to realize the interaction with data base by DBMS command line tool (Oracle sqlpus, mysql, psql and etc). Embedded SQL in shell scripts is a flexible approach for working with data base. One advantage of using scripts is the ability to change the logic without the need to rebuild the application. DBMS command line tool provides rich functionality for a variety of tasks.

Conversion features:

  • automated detection and conversion of embedded SQL and dynamic SQL in shell scripts;
  • automated replacement of used command line tool with settings and parameters;
  • automated database migration to a chosen direction.

Why Ispirer MnMTK:

Ispirer MnMTK automates the entire application migration process between different API and DBMS. MnMTK embedded SQL conversion tool can easily migrate your Unix shell scripts. While using our database and application migration tool you don’t have to convert SQL queries separately. MnMTK can be integrated in the assembling process and ensure automated database migration. The tool is a very flexible conversion tool. Any migration direction can be developed further. It can provide conversion in the shortest terms.

If you are interested in these services, please contact us for more information.

November 25, 2013Ciber, Sweden
Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server Migration
(including PowerBuilder migration)

"Ciber develops system for parking permits to the major cities in Sweden.
In 2012, when the second largest city in...


August 21, 2014TouchStone Systems, Inc., United States
Sybase ASA to Microsoft SQL Server Migration
(including embedded SQL migration in PowerBuilder)

"To whom it may concern,

Being a leading provider in reverse logistics solutions, we continue to...


Case Studies
August 24, 2014PostgreSQL to Oracle Migration, United States (including embedded SQL migration in Java)

The client was a U.S.-based, non-profit organization working within the education sector, striving to ensure equal rights of students in low-income groups across the United States. This was...


September 11, 2014Informix to SQL Server Migration, United States (including embedded SQL migration in PowerBuilder, Visual Basic to C#, ASP to ASP.NET)

A U.S.-based renowned lessor of trailers requested the services of Ispirer to perform a major migration.



Everything went very well, thank you! We did convert everything that we needed without a problem! It was perfect and we have the output we need. Thank you!

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