Download PowerBuilder Source Extractor

Our tool collects statistics on the source code in order to estimate the cost and duration of your migration project.

Ispirer PowerBuilder Source Extractor (PBExtractor) was specially developed for Sybase PowerBuilder. PBExtractor will help you extract script files that comprise PowerBuilder Library (PBL) and count their number and place it in a separate folder. In this case, scripts, depending on their type, are written to different files:

  • SRD - DataWindow source
  • SRW - Window source
  • SRM - Menu source
  • SRU - Custom user object source
  • SRS - Structure source
  • SRP - Data pipeline source
  • SRF - Function source
  • SRQ - Query source
  • SRA - Application source
  • SRJ - Project

PBExtractor collects statistical data on the number of files of each type and the number of lines in them, and writes it to the total_information.log file. This information helps evaluate the scope and duration of work needed for migrating the source application to another technology, such as Java or C#.

Here you can download the latest PowerBuilder Source Extractor version.


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