Enhancing Efficiency: the latest Ispirer Toolkit update

March 7, 2024

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, March 2024

Once you've set a high standard for conversion quality, maintaining it isn't enough - you must continually raise the bar to ensure unparalleled excellence. At Ispirer, where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, we're dedicated to expanding the capabilities of our solutions daily.

To this end, over the past month the Ispirer team has once again expanded the list of conversion rules for migrating a large number of databases and programming languages, including Sybase IQ, SQL Server, Oracle, COBOL, Informix, Java, Sybase ASE and others.

Assessment Toolkit boasts having three types of assessment reports: Standard, Extended and Advanced. Every month we continue to extend the assessment reports of various migration directions. This month we upgraded Standard reports to Extended with Sybase ASE as a source database and now they provide comprehensive insights into statements detected in these databases. Such an upgrade provides more information about the source database and allows a meticulous assessment of existing constructions. Additionally, for Oracle to Java conversions, we've introduced new constructions in Advanced reports and refined the complexity calculation algorithm.

Meanwhile, the SQLWays Wizard has undergone significant enhancements, improving the quality of generated reports and the overall user experience. As we place utmost importance on the usability of our tools, we strive to provide a logical and user-friendly interface. That’s why we’ve enhanced the layout of migration reports to ensure that essential information remains readily accessible.

Conversion improvements:

  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of REF CURSOR by Spring option, operator %ISOPEN and CLOSE conversion, ROWID column and alias, spring esql parameters conversion, Number to Double conversion, SELECT ALL from SUBSELECT , Extra getTime function , cast Date to String, BULK COLLECT, EXECUTE IMMEADIATE, functions DECRYPT and ENCRYPT conversion, %rowtype of cursor, NOT LIKE operator conversion, select for loop, arithmetic operations between strings, BULK COLLECT, getters and setters, get methods for package, object type MAIN_PACKAGE option, overloaded methods. Added constructor to AssociativeCollection and edited QueryUtility's method. Improvements related to using ddl with no schemas in object with schema, collect statistic for Object types, Collect statistic for Object types with constructor, using CONSTANT from outer procedure in nested procedure, call next method for a collection.
  • Sybase ASE to Oracle: improved conversion of @@TRANCOUNT and @@NESTLEVEL, result-sets in procedures, params names, exec proc with out params and global temp table, IF EXISTS, tables, RAISERROR, @@PROCID, object_id and object_name, Exec procedures, trigger conversion, LIKE pattern value of char data type, conversion result sets from proc, сonversion aliases in joins with mapping. Improvements related to mapping reserved word, mapping view column list, cast varchar to datetime value, mapping of SWV_ variables, migration empty lines in SQL, mapping of global temp table, compare null values.
  • Oracle to Java (PostgreSQL): improved conversion of cursor for loop.
  • Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of CONVERT_DBLINK_TO_SCHEMA.
  • SQL Server to MySQL: improved conversion of DEFAULT values.
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improvements related to return several cursors, dynamic RESULT SETS count with case.
  • MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of name of files with japan symbols, ORA_FFI module conversion, type of SWC_ for identity, WHERE , CREATE INDEX statement. Update relates to the joins and variables.
  • MS SQL Server to Oracle: improved conversion of sign @ in comments.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of UDT type is table, WHERE condition conversion for several columns, TRUNC(date) conversion in index definition, SIMPLE_INTEGER data type conversion, comparing string with number and function with char parameter, security definer, commit inside loop. Improvements related to materialized views.
  • Firebird to Oracle: improved conversion of NULLS LAST and NULLS FIRST, comparing blobs and clobs.
  • C++ to C#: improved conversion of select function, method Enable, sizeof with char pointer, method SetIcon, u_short type, m_lpCmdLine variable, Afx_msg conversion, Virtual method, WinBase and Operator delete, Recv and strncat and inet_addr functions, sockaddr_in struct, sockaddr_in fields, sizeof array, connect function, Accept method, remove method and socket conversion. CObArray class, GetBuffer method, LPSTR and isspace conversions, stat method, DDV_MaxChars method, strcmp method, listen method in if, bind method, GetCheck method, EnableWindow method, UpdateData method, _access method, accept method in if, HINSTANCE type, LoadLibrary method, GetLastError method, GetProcAddress method, DoModal method, AfxMessageBox method, COleDateTimeSpan type, Format method, GetBuffer method , Enum FieldType, OpenType, OpenOptions and LPCTSTR cast, conversion _close, _write, _read methods, _sopen, _write methods in while, VARIANT type, HANDLE type, OpenPrinter method, sprintf method, StartDocPrinter method, HRESULT type, CFile type, CFileException type, _com_error type, ErrorMessage method, wsprintf method, Predefined Value Types constants, ReleaseBuffer method, GetBufferSetLength method, RegEnumValue method, AllocSysString method, SeekToBegin method, StartPagePrinter method, WritePrinter method, Read method, FormatMessage method, Open method, CComPtr type, _Connection type, _Recordset type, Delete method, Description method, _bstr_t type, WCHAR type, MultiByteToWideChar method, PostMessage method, memset method, RECT type, GetWindowRect method, SetWindowPos method, Create method, _sopen method, LPSTR check index in while, CString initialize.
  • Visual FoxPro to C#: improved conversion of class Form, call default methods, conversion this, thisform, function iif, DO WHILE ... ENDDO Command, comments, $ operator. Added statistics namespace to build scripts, cursor conversion.
  • Delphi to C#: improved WinForms conversion.
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of extra NULLIF function.
  • Informix to SQL Server: improved conversion of WHERE.
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of QUOTE_IDENTIFIERS procedure.
  • Sybase IQ to Oracle: improved conversion of over partition by, Raiserror @@error conversion, location conversion, procedures return num conversion, rowcount conversion, type of SWC_ for identity. Added aliases for functions in select list inside TEMPORARY TABLE generated from SELECT statement.

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