Ispirer Tools Improvements, March 2023

March 9, 2023

Ispirer Tools Improvements, March 2023

Conversion is a multi-stage, intricate, and time-consuming process. Sometimes database or application migration projects can take months. For this reason, we regularly analyze every “cog” of our Ispirer Toolkit so that customers can get the most out of the automated process.

Each of our updates includes dozens of GUI improvements, hundreds of added conversion rules. As a result of all of our efforts, we are able to offer customers top-notch, user-friendly software that saves them time and money.

This time we have majorly updated our SQLWays Wizard. First, Ispirer experts improved progress bar logic. Now it is dynamic and shows information based on conversion stages of an object. Second, data migration from Informix to PostgreSQL is now multithreaded which speeds up data migration considerably. Third, our team created a preliminary conversion of a selected object on the DDL option page. Such a feature gives users an opportunity to find out how it will be converted. SQLWays Wizard update makes it possible to extract data from Oracle database using SCN which simplifies the process of selecting files.

What is more, our experts extended the assessment process to collect detailed information about the SQL statements and structures from the DB2 database.

Conversion improvements:

  • DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server: added conversion of RID(), NVL(), NVL2().
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of procedure with more than 100 parameters.
  • DB2 z/OS to SQL Server: added conversion of ISJSON(), OPENJSON(), JSON_MODIFY(), aliases with spaces, identity columns, recursion in triggers, NEWID().
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of interval DAY TO DAY, OUTER() join.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL:: improved conversion of procedures that returns result sets.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL:: improved conversion of FOR JSON PATH.
  • Oracle to MySQL: improved conversion of type is refcursor, RATIO_TO_REPORT.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of aliases in join and where clauses, cursors that are opened in another procedures, partition by list, type is table of varchar, return in dml statements, Added possibility to use SCN to extract data from tables using queries.
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of collections and methods NEXT and PRIOR, records, call nested functions with OUT parameters and mutable parameters, parameters casting in nested functions, SIGN(), data types used inside collections in nested functions, Last and First collection methods, execute immediate with using, plus operation with dates, INSERT SELECT with dynamic sql, handling of labels with the same name, FOR LOOP in cursor and FOR LOOP in select, LENGTH(), ABS().
  • PostgreSQL to Oracle: added conversion of json_each_text(), json_object_keys (), json_array_length(), json_agg(), jsonb_build_object(), POINT data type, json_array_elements(), to_json(), to_jsonb(), jsonb_set(), starts_with(), DATE_PART(), Improved conversion of overloaded functions, table functions, string concatenation operators, JSON data type, date from string extraction, arrays usage, case statement, LATERAL(), regexp_matches(), array_agg(), format(), INSERT INTO RETURNING clause, arrays, temporary tables, BOOLEAN defaults, left(), right(), Common table expressions, %ROWTYPE, temporary table.
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improved conversion of sql statements with params, initialize to null/like, extend(), datetime data type, replace substring or char logic, database properties conversion, return with multiple values, package conversion, prepare with using statement, dynamic arrays, labels, cursors with using and into, return in void function, globals, equals method, date comparison, today variable, insert record, call statement, day(), month(), year(), big decimal with other data types comparison, initialize ... like ..., initialize ... to null, current,setSqlSelect().
  • PowerBuilder to Java: improved conversion of datetime, time and date data types, height property for header, color property, background..mode, sort property, for loop construction, RowInfo type, groupbox component, closeWithReturn, min(), max(), round(), floor(), arrays, getrowfromrowid(), triggerEvent, SelectText(), isSelected (), keyDown(), FOR LOOP.
  • Delphi to C#: improved conversion of constants, char range, external functions, ColorToRGB, WindowState properties, sum of chars, TEdit, TPanel properties HorzScrollBar.Position and VertScrollBar.Position, BoundTable property Parameters.ParamByName(), TAdoDataSet properties Active CommandText RecordCount Bof Eof and methods First Next FieldByName(), BitAnd operator, array of constant chars. Added conversion of ForceDirectories(), DeleteFile(), CopyFile(), TimeOf(), varToDateTime(), IncDay(), HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_USERS, HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG, ShortTimeFormat, readString , VAL(), TListView property Selected, TListView method AlphaSort , NthDayOfWeek (), StrToTimeDef (), TFont.Create, ShellExecute, rdString, rdBinary, rdExpandString, rdInteger, rdUnknown, TImage properties Stretch Picture.Graphic.

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