Fresh features, new horizons: the updated Ispirer Toolkit

September 5, 2023

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, September 2023

At Ispirer, we have always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and this updated version represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance database migration quality. As businesses continue to evolve and grow, the demand for seamless and efficient data transitions has never been more critical. Our product, which automates the complex processes of database and application migration, has undergone extensive refinement to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and precision. In this ever-changing digital age, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower organizations to navigate the challenges of data migration with ease and confidence.

SQLWays Wizard

Here are some major updates:

  • Multiprocess conversion from Oracle to MySQL has been released. Now migration is speeded up twice. Depending on the hardware, data types and other criteria, migration speed can exceed 30 GB/H.
  • Multiprocess conversion from DB2 to PostgreSQL has been released. Conversion is accelerated 4 times. Depending on the hardware, data types and other criteria, migration can surpass 60 GB/H.
  • Improved reporting of the conversion errors caused by license restrictions.

As for migration quality, we continue to work hard to improve the results of automatic conversion. The process of adding new conversion rules is continuous. The following migration directions received updates this month:

  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of DAYOFWEEK_ISO().
  • DB2 to SQL Server: improved conversion of create table like, scalar min() and max(), windowed functions (partition by or order by), export messages.
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of bin_and(), bin_or(), bin_shl(), bin_shr(), parameters with default values, suspend, select into with union, generated always for postgresql version 12 and higher, execute statement on external.
  • MySQL to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of tables with BIT data types and data extraction.
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of multiple selects in anonymous blocks, ROUND(), difference of two dates, for xml path('') with ORDER BY, select into, dateadd(), hierarchical types, computed columns, NULL values, DATEPART(), DATEADD(), CROSS APPLY.
  • SQL Server to SAP Hana: improved conversion of reverse(), replicate().
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of cursor%ISOPEN, UTL_SMTP, constant usage in nested procedures, bulk collect, RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR() in nested functions, OUT parameters in packages, CONVERT(), REGEXP_LIKE(), utl_i18n package types, for loop statements, %TYPE, multiple cursors in a package, collections usage, DBMS_XMLGEN, REGEXP_SUBSTR(), NEXT_DAY(), DBMS_SQLHASH.GETHASH(),UTL_SMTP.WRITE_RAW_DATA(), type as cursor, natural data type, exception when OR, UTL_RAW.REVERSE, Improved framework that is generated by nglfly toolkit for that direction.
  • Oracle to MySQL: added possibility to specify additional option for command line utility.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of embedded sql inside java files, bulk collect with table types into arrays, instr(), operations with boolean variables, cursor%ISOPEN, cursor%notfound, SQL%ROWCOUNT, cursors with FOR LOOP, cursor with parameters, package global variables.
  • Oracle to SQL Server: improved conversion of embedded sql inside jrxml files.
  • Teradata to SQL Server\Azure SQL Database: improved conversion of qualify option in select, contains(), period().
  • Cobol to Java: improved conversion of structures, arrays, WHEN construction, IF construction, perform varying.
  • C# to Java: Added conversion of ToString(), GetHashCode(), Equals(), equals type, hashCode type, autoproperty with default, default values for initialized variables, private property for set method, initialization of long and BigDecimal variables, list initialization, params type [] nameVarable, dictionary object type, GetType(), Add(), Remove(), Count(), ContainsKey(), Contains(), ContainsValue(), constructor usage, .Width, .Height, arrays initialization, IsNaN(), IsInfinity(), IsNegativeInfinity(), class with generic type, lambda expression declaration, interpolation conversion, enumerations, interface declarations, namespaces, ContainerControl, Padding, ToList(), Aggregate(), EventHandler, DrawString(), method Where(), class Control, class Panel, class Size.
  • Delphi to C#: improved conversion of integer to TColor data type casting, StringToColor(), InputQuery().
  • Delphi to Java: improved conversion of execsql , flat property, Visible property.
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improved conversion of embedded sql statements, casting parameters when passing in to a method, multiple cursor usage in file, records usage, comparison of two strings, date(), load, arithmetic operations with constants, extend() with dates, create temp table, TO_CHAR() with two parameters, report block, start report, array usage, return record, main(), prepare [name] from [variable]. Removed unnecessary files from util и database folders from results. Improved framework that is generated by nGLFly tool.
  • Progress 4GL to C#: improved file naming of the generated files.
  • Visual FoxPro to C# improved conversion of Caption Width, Height, Top, Left, TabIndex control properties, class structure.

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