Ispirer Toolkit Monthly Update, September 2022

September 12, 2022

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce that Ispirer software has been upgraded. In order to improve the quality of migration significantly we need to analyze our projects and the tools on a regular basis. Every day testing, bug fixing and the customers’ feedback are the three pillars that form the increasing efficiency of Ispirer Toolkit.

Besides, we are working not only with Ispirer Toolkit upgrading, but with other tools as well. This month we extended Assessment Wizard to collect info about Microsoft SQL Server statements and increased the number of constructions that have a complexity level for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration.

Ispirer Toolkit improvements:
  • Oracle to Python: the new migration direction added.
  • IBM DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved Exception and cursors conversion.
  • IBM DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server: improved delete from select, insert into select, cursor variables, SIGNAL SQLSTATE statements. Added RESULT SET LOCATOR conversion.
  • DB2 z\OS to DB2 LUW: added conversion of table partitions.
  • Informix to Microsoft SQL Server: improved conversion of procedures that returns result set.
  • Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server: improved NO_DATA_FOUND conversion.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of to_date() function, UDT, JSON_TABLE, INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND, RAWTOHEX, List Partitions, procedures with OUT parameters, CASE inside indexes and sequences. Added JSON_ARRAYAGG UTL_I18N.RAW_TO_CHAR, SQLERRM conversion and option that defines char column length (BYTE or CHAR).
  • Teradata to Vertica: added conversion for UNIQUE PRIMARY INDEX, option that can enable or disable enforcement of primary key, foreign key, unique and check constraints.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to IBM DB2: improved conversion of Alter Column statement, DATEADD() function and formats, SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER, default values in declarations.
  • Informix to Microsoft SQL Server: added option that controls usage of cursors inside trigger.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Java: improved conversion of Table variables. Added conversion of ISNULL function.
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of package level record types.
  • COBOL to Java: improved Structures conversion.
  • Informix 4GL to Java: added RECORD LIKE conversion.
  • Pascal to C#: added FONT.Height, Font.Color, WITH operator conversion.
  • Visual Basic to C#: added conversion of public structures, ADODB.[Command], String pointer, Environ(), STRING, Format(), DatePart(), Space(), ISDATE(), DateAdd() functions, Structure default values, Enum default values, Parameters value return, ADODB Command Add Parameter, VbMsgBoxResult, Textbox parameters, Class_Initialize and Class_terminate, char constant, App options (title, Major, Minor, Revision), VbNullString,Excel, Range, Collection data types usage, Caption property, Command$, Excel.Application Excel.Workbook and Excel.Worksheet features, NewEnum Get, UNLOAD, ProgressBar conversion.

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