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October 5, 2023

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, October 2023

In the dynamic landscape of technology, the pursuit of perfection is a perpetual journey. Acknowledging that constant development is the key to staying at the forefront, we are thrilled to share an exciting update of Ispirer Toolkit with our valued users. Last month marked another significant stride in our commitment to excellence, as we dedicated ourselves to enhancing the core functionalities of our product. The result? A tool that is now not just better but faster and more convenient than before. Our relentless dedication to improvement is evident in the integration of a plethora of new conversion rules, a testament to our unwavering mission to elevate the quality of conversion for our customers.

This time we’ve paid much attention to multiprocess conversion from Pascal to Java. It is a well known fact that multiprocess conversion offers a speed boost by running multiеthreaded conversions concurrently, ensuring quicker transformation.

Conversion improvements:

  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of Boolean data type.
  • DB2 to SQL Server: improved conversion of windowed functions, stddev() and stddev_samp() with over() clause, digits(), EXPORT with UNION\UNION ALL.
  • Informix to PostgreSQL:improved conversion of FOR loop construction, extraction and conversion of DATE default values.
  • Interbase to SQL Server: improved conversion of datatime2 to float conversion, gen_id(), suspend with exit.
  • Interbase to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of parameters in table functions.
  • MariaDB to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of tables DDL structure.
  • MySQL to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of BIT data type.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of SUBSTR(), rowidtochar(), ora_hash(), MERGE, table type to array conversion, OFFSET, FETCH ROWS only, SUBSTR with BYTEA.
  • Oracle to SQL Server: improved conversion of cursors usage.
  • SQL Server to MySQL/MariaDB: improved conversion of DATETIMEOFFSET and SYSDATETIMEOFFSET data types, schema names.
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved Datetime operations, anonymous code block, schema names conversion, temp tables usage, delete\update with multiple joins, temp tables with identity, datediff(), PIVOT. Fixed minor bugs with data extraction.
  • Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of LIKE operator, commit, update with LEFT JOIN, *= joins with several tables.
  • Teradata to SQL Server: improved conversion of aggregate functions with OVER(), QUALIFY option, table and column aliases in queries.
  • Cobol to Java: improved conversion of SET statement, field with COMP, variables of 88 level.
  • C# to Java: improved conversion of FORMAT(), Regex and Dictionary type usage, class attributes, sealed attribute, Array.Copy(), anonymous type, new ClassName { ... }.
  • Delphi to Java: improved conversion of get for class variables, TLabel, TEdit, TComboBox, TObject, TADOConnection, TForm class, TButton, TRadioGroup with properties, TField, TSpeedButton, TPanel, TBevel, TImage, TCalendar, TFloatField, TADOTable, TADOQuery, TFloatField, TCurrencyField, TCurrencyField, TIntegerField, TBooleanField, TWideStringField, TStringField, TDateTimeField, TDBLookupListBox, TDBComboBox.
  • Informix 4GL to C#: improved conversion of os.path.separator(), getindexof, equals(), try catch block, year(), month(), day(), os.path.readable(), os.path.basename().
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improved conversion of arrays, multiple labels in one function.
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of dynamic SQL, BULK COLLECT, cursor usage, cursors without aliases, bigdecimal "+" operation, exception usage, call inside nested functions, collections usage, case in assignment, FETCH statement, SQLException, %ROWTYPE, package specification, UTL_HTTP.REQ, UTL_HTTP.BEGIN_REQUEST, UTL_HTTP.SET_HEADER, UTL_HTTP.WRITE_TEXT, UTL_HTTP.END_RESPONSE, UTL_HTTP.RESP, GET_RESPONSE(), UTL_HTTP.READ_LINE, concatenation operator. Improved generated framework.
  • Visual FoxPro to C#: improved conversion of Class = cursor.

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