Ispirer Tools Improvements, October 2022

October 19, 2022

Ispirer Tools Improvements

The Ispirer team pays special attention not only to ensure the high-quality conversion result, but also to make them easier-to-use.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction with the migration quality. That’s why we are constantly working hard on fixing the troubles and adding new conversion rules to various directions.

This month we upgraded the user friendliness of Ispirer tools as well. A HELP button has been added to help you navigate and configure the application easier and more conveniently.

The newest in Ispirer Assessment Toolkit:
  • MSSQL:added information about system functions.
  • Oracle: added definition and complexity for more than 100 new cases in reports.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: added logic that counts complexity level of objects, schemas and databases selected for Assessment. Now you can review the complexity of your database and estimate resources for your migration projects.
The updates in Ispirer Toolkit:

We extended the reports about errors appeared in conversion and import processes to make them more detailed. Also the new possibility to use SSL connection for Google Cloud for PostgreSQL has been added.

  • MSSQL to DB2:added conversion of table functions.
  • MSSQL to PostgreSQL:improved conversion of Hierarchyid data type.
  • Informix to MSSQL:improved conversion of trigger that call procedures.
  • DB2 OS390 to PostgreSQL:improved IDENTITY columns conversion.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL:added conversion of dbms_lob.write, Option that controls empty strings conversion, Data Cut Option, option that controls fully qualified identifiers. Improved conversion of indexes, STRING data type, TO_CHAR, JSON_VALUE(), TO_TIMESTAMP(), RAWTOHEX(), JSON_TABLE(), TABLE() functions, import order generation for business logic objects, TYPE OF Cursor construction, TIMESTAMP AT TIME ZONE, Hierarchical queries ( CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF), BULK COLLECT, update statements with nested selects, xml functions and methods.
  • Oracle to MySQL:improved conversion of analytic functions with RANK clause, TRUNC(date), TO_DATE function, table partitions.
  • Oracle to Teradata:improved conversion of EXTRACTVALUE, extract().getstringval functions.
  • Oracle to Jupyter Notebooks (Python):added generation of .ipynb files with target code, conversion functions call statements into a separate ceil, conversion of a package to a class, conversion of procedures parameters, INSERT INTO, Common Table Expression (WITH), ltrim(), rtrim(), default values, SYSDATE function.
  • Oracle to Java:added conversion of VALIDATE_CONVERSION function.
  • VB to C#:added conversion of ToolBar control, Alignment CheckBox Label and TextBox properties, Caption for CheckBox, StartUpPosition,ShowInTaskbar property.
  • Informix 4GL to Java:added conversion of DEFINE with SYNONYMS construction.

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