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November 8, 2023

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, November 2023

The process of conversion is multifaceted, intricate, and time-intensive. Database or application migration projects can, at times, extend over several months. As a result, we consistently scrutinize every aspect of Ispirer Toolkit to ensure that our customers can maximize the benefits of the automated migration process.

This month Ispirer Toolkit has got the most of the updates. One of the most noticeable changes is the mechanism for working with database system objects. The names of the schemas are now stored in the project file and can be changed by experts or users themselves if necessary. This approach to working with system objects makes the process as flexible and convenient as possible for customers. Furthermore, our experts have boosted the speed of script conversion from Oracle to Java by up to 30%. The developers also updated the framework, which speeded up the migration in this direction.

Conversion improvements:

  • DB2 to SQL Server: improved conversion of windowed functions, conversion of microseconds, distinct, SQLCODE.
  • Db2 to PostgreSQL: added conversion of GET DIAGNOSTICS RETURNED_CODE = DB2_RETURN_STATUS, TIMESTAMP_FORMAT(), return cursor as out parameter, trim(), exit handler for sqlstate, merge, min(), bitand(), comments on views, LISTAGG().
  • Oracle to MySQL: improved conversion of tablespaces in partitions, migration of data that contains double quotes.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of SQL statements located inside XML, table type variables in packages into arrays, delete from table type variables, dblinks, count method for arrays, PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION, data type mapping in procedure calls, delete as table variable method. Added generation of DBLINK extension.
  • Oracle to SQL Server: improved conversion of schema names in objects, computed columns conversion, to_nchar.
  • Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL: added conversion of lock table.
  • Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of procedures returning result set, dynamic result set, out parameters.
  • SQL Server to Greenplum: improved conversion of distributed columns.
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of triggers created on multiple events, function returns json, schema names usage.
  • COBOL to Java: improved conversion of connect.
  • C# to Java: improved conversion of Insert update Data methods, try catch block, throw.
  • Delphi to C#: added conversion of SetLength(), ExitProcess(), ModalResult:=mrOK, TDBEdit and its properties (Enabled, DataField, ReadOnly, DataSource), TDBGrid and its properties (ReadOnly, DataSource, DataContext, ItemsSource, Columns, FieldName, Visible), TDateTimePicker and property Data.
  • Delphi to Java: added conversion of TDBGrid and its properties (ReadOnly, DataSource, DataContext, ItemsSource, Columns, FieldName, Visible, Width, Expanded).
  • Informix 4GL to ASP Net: improved conversion of open window, open form, display form, close form, close window, controllers, arr_curr(), scr_line(), message function, error function, fgl_winmessage, display, user functions structure, int_flag variable.
  • Informix 4Gl to Java: fixed minor bug with multiprocess conversion.
  • Oracle to Java: improved usage of import java.util.* and updated framework.Improved conversion of constant variables initialization, dependencies declaration, collection types in INTO, nested functions as parameters, constant initialization in static blocks, function as a parameter, usage of cursor from other package, SQLCODE usage, casting of datatypes of OUT parameters and passing values, SELECT BULK COLLECT, NVL(), OUT and IN OUT refcursor parameters, multiple cursors usage in one object, records that were declared in one package and used in another, NATURALN type, PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT, exception when NO_DATA_FOUND, default values in parameters, constants in packages, for loop with select, function usage with IN clause, DBMS_SQLHASH.GETHASH, record field as parameter.
  • Progress 4GL to C#: improved conversion of object names, data types of temp tables, RECID conversion and usage, RECID in temp tables, assignment into RECID column, datetime(today, time), Next-Value, temporary table usage, open query, parameters in subprocedures\subfunctions.
  • SQL Server to Java: updated generation of framework for this direction.
  • VB to VB.NET: improved generation of framework.
  • Visual FoxPRo to C#: added conversion of concat operator.

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