What's new in Ispirer Toolkit, November 2022

November 4, 2022

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements

Dear customers,

Whether we say it once or a thousand times, customer satisfaction is the top priority to us. That is why Ispirer team updates our tools every month as we are striving to make the quality of migration as high as possible. As always, we have added more conversion rules in Ispirer Toolkit so that you can be sure of the smooth migration process.

We also improved the work of Ispirer Assessment Toolkit. This time we extended the list of system objects that assessment is able to collect info about. Extended report for Oracle to PostgreSQL direction by adding new information about the conversion rate, amount of manual corrections and suggested number of extensions. Using this data, you can determine how successfully the SQL code will be converted from the source database.

What's new in Ispirer Toolkit:
  • Improved logic of conversion demo data. If data amount exceeds demo restrictions, the tool will send a notification and try to import extracted data proceeding with the next object. The information about such warnings is presented in all the generated reports.
  • Improved object selection with license restrictions.
  • Added hints for main options in GUI tool
  • Added multi-threaded data conversion, that can improve the speed of data migration up to 3 times or even more, depending on the data that needs to be migrated and the connection speed. It is set by default for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. For other migration directions this feature can be set using the options.
Conversion improvements:
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of procedures that returns result set, procedures that returns status, conversion of LAST_DAY(), LOCATE_IN_STRING() functions, conversion of exception handlers.
  • DB2 to MSSQL: added conversion of VARCHAR_FORMAT(), DECIMAL() functions, handlers for sqlexception, sqlstate 02000.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of NULL values in queries with UNION, xmlagg(), TRUNC(timestamp), JSON_EXTRACT_PATH_TEXT, JSON_TABLE(), JSON_VALUE(), TZ_OFFSET, TO_TIMESTAMP_TZ,dbms_crypto.hash, SYS_EXTRACT_UTC, Empty_clob(), Empty_blob(), CARDINALITY() functions, conversion of null data, conversion of table type to arrays, conversion of CTE queries, sequence conversion.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL inside XML document: improved conversion of ROWNUM.
  • Oracle to MySQL: improved conversion of partitions, FIRST_VALUE , LAST_VALUE , NTH_VALUE functions.
  • MSSQL to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of geometry types.
  • Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL: improved default data type mapping, conversion of procedures that return result set.
  • Informix to MSSQL: improved conversion of cursors.
  • Cobol to C#: improved conversion of variables with [A] of [B] structure.
  • Cobol to Java: improved conversion of file status in groups.
  • Delphi to C#: improved constructor conversion.
  • ASP to C#: added basic level conversion like generation of the required files with structure inside.
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of FOR LOOP constructions, nested procedures\functions, throw with return statements, Sequence.
  • Oracle Forms to Java: improved conversion of canvas and graphics, added conversion of custom libraries, ObjectLibrary to Vaadin. Added conversion of show_window, call_form functions.
  • Oracle to Python (Jupyter): added generation of DataLoad noteboos, conversion of package variables.
  • C++ to C#: improved generation of headersmembers.

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