Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, June 2023

June 5, 2023

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, June 2023

How can Ispirer Toolkit be modernized even further? How to ensure not just excellent, but unsurpassed quality of automatic conversion for all supported directions? The Ispirer experts ask these and many other questions regularly in order to release an up-to-date, improved version of the Ispirer Toolkit every month.

This month SQLWays Wizard received a new authentication feature for SingleStore as a target, which enables different options for connecting to a database. Our team has also simplified log files for multi-process conversion, and improved extraction of functions from the MariaDB database. As for NglFly Wizard, now it has the ability to collect statistics for scripts written in C. The Ispirer Toolkit parser now better collects information about objects and relationships between them from various sources, including Oracle, Java, Pascal, Delphi, DB2 z/Os, C, COBOL and other languages. It significantly speeds up the conversion process and enhances conversion quality.

Conversion improvements:

  • DB2 zOS to SQL Server: improved conversion of Import and Export commands, dynamic cursor declaration, ROWNUMBER(), Prepare statement.
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of Procedures parameters.
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of special characters in data inside tables.
  • MariaDB to SQL Server: improved conversion of DATETIME columns with default values.
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of IIF() function, BIT data type usage, update statements with aliases, FOR XML PATH construction.
  • SQL Server to SingleStore: improved conversion of result set returning, procedures and functions with OUT parameters, DATETIME2 data type.
  • Oracle to Java: added conversion of IS (NOT) EMPTY with collections, execute immediate, call statements with out parameters, out parameters of record type. Improved conversion of subtypes, NULL handling.
  • Oracle to MySQL: improved conversion of BFILE data type.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of Intervals, table data types. Added conversion of UTL_I18N.UNESCAPE_reference.
  • PostgreSQL to Oracle: improved conversion of no data found exception, NULLs values with CONCAT operators.
  • Progress 4GL to C#: improved conversion of joins, FOR EACH construction.
  • Sybase ASE to MySQL: improved conversion of COL_LENGTH(), procedure status.
  • Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of BREAK statement, IF with @@sqlstatus, dblinks usage. Added option to convert dblinks to schema in PostgreSQL.
  • Teradata to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of usage of INT data type, BTEQ commands.
  • Teradata to SQL Server: added conversion of index() and primary index(), PERIOD data type, SET LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC option.
  • C to C#: added conversion of common function() procedure(), variables, fopen(), fclose(), fflush(), fseek(), char data type, strncpy(), strtok(), isdigit(), sprintf(), strcpy(), strcmp(), rewind, fputs, fgets, fwrite, fread(), int float double data types, fgets().
  • Delphi to C#: added conversion of functions OPEN, FieldByName(row).value, locate, insert, execsql and properties value, state, active of TADOTable type, identifier names as keywords, properties of the following controls TComboBox items, visible, text, tabindex, application.exename statement, repaint function, with statement, while statement, last function, fileexists и ChangeFileExt functions, TImage.create(nil), TUpDown Position, TStringGrid, SetLength(), datetime operations, Memo.Lines.Add.
  • Delphi to Java: improved conversion of button click method, Action caFree statement, isnull function, with statement.
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improved conversion of return classes, global variables and records, string variables usage, whenever error goto, foreach, case with return, if with return, return statement, labels and return classes, locate, labels.

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