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January 10, 2024

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, January 2024

As we step into the New Year, we're not taking a break from making Ispirer products better. In the past month, we've really spruced up our tools. Even during the holiday season, we're focusing on two things: making sure the conversion quality is top-notch and ensuring our tools are easy for you to use. We want to keep things simple and straightforward, so you can get the most out of Ispirer products without any hassle. So, let's kick off the year by checking out the upgraded features that make working with our tools even better.

What exciting features have been added to our tools over the past month?

Assessment Toolkit is now able to provide an extended report with a detailed assessment of the complexity of a migration project for Oracle to Java migration. Let us remind you that such a report contains information on the expected automated conversion level, the proposed number of customizations, and the number of objects that require manual modification.

Ispirer Toolkit now can boast about the accelerated export of data from Informix to SQL Server. Due to the update, the export speed is now 400% higher, which is quite impressive, right?

The second update at the spotlight is a summary page. The Ispirer team diligently enhanced a summary page that displays all the information about the conversion settings. This update contributes to making the conversion results more transparent and detailed.

We also added to NGLFly Wizard the possibility to run the conversion from PowerBuilder to Java\C# in multiple streams. Such a multithreaded process makes the conversion 4 times faster in the case of a multiple file source codebase.

Conversion updates:

  • Oracle to Java: updated framework that is generated for Oracle to Java direction.
    Improved utl file package files exceptions when no data found.
    Improved conversion of calling nested functions with in and out parameters, template recursion at using clause, SLEEP procedure, ENABLE_CAMEL_CASE option, string literal parameters, addValue method, calling function from package within a "IF" clause, REGEXP_SUBSTR function, FOR LOOP in SELECT, conversion of BULK COLLECT , assignment into object field in object body, REGEXP_SUBSTR function, FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function, addDaysToDate method, collect statistic for Object types, query parameters conversion, CEIL function conversion, Getters and Setters assign, ALTER TYPE - ADD ATTRIBUTE conversion, Getters and Setters record declared using %rowtype conversion, conversion of predefined DBMS_SQL.NUMBER_TABLE collection type
  • Sybase ASA to SQL Server: improved conversion constraints when PK and FK into one table
  • DB2 to MS SQL Server: improved temporary tables conversion
  • Firebird to PostgreSQL: improved zero length identifiers conversion
  • Progress to MySQL: improved column name conversion
  • MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL: Improved conversion of CONCAT with Remove schema=No, Extend CreateObject function, сonversion of comments, CASE_INSENS_DATA=COLLATION, MERGE with DELETE/UPDATE OUTPUT, computed columns, nvarchar(max) global mapping, dynamic query, functions for type hierarchyid.
    removed If condition when inside drop statement.
    Improved tables export
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved сonversion of TABLE OF data types , select from array as table, Json PUT and JSON_OBJECT_T function, conversion of COUNT, FIRST, LAST methods, global variables in package with several options, UDT type is table , CTE with hierarchical query and rownum, conversion cursors in anonymous block.
    Improved hierarchical queries, import order for packages
  • Oracle to SAP HANA: improved сonversion of ref cursor as variable, package without body
  • Cobol to C#: improved conversion of non-FD section variables, GENERATE_ENTITY_MODEL option
  • MS SQL Server to SAP HANA: improved conversion of table function
  • Informix 4GL to C#: improvement related to the keycode number, objects string
  • Progress to MySQL: improved default sysdate conversion
  • MariaDB to MS SQL Server: updated Data Type Mapping
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improvement related to the table columns names "min" and "max"
  • Sybase ASA to Oracle: Improved conversion RAISERROR. Added columns list to INSERT statement

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