Ispirer tools update - advanced assessment, swift migration

February 8, 2024

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, February 2024

In our monthly updates, we delve into the latest enhancements, novel features, and expedited migration functionalities within our products. It may seem that our commitment to refinement knows no bounds and we daily stuff the Ispirer products with new elements. This is true.

We understand that our clients prioritize efficiency, recognizing that time is of the essence in the business world, directly impacting profitability. Therefore, in our ongoing commitment to meet their needs, this month we have once again focused on enhancing migration speed. As a result, our SQL Server to Oracle migration now boasts a cutting-edge multi-threaded conversion capability. This enables our migration process to achieve a speed of 100 GB per hour, ensuring swift and seamless transitions.

Recently, Assessment Wizard got extended reports for Oracle to Java migration direction with a detailed assessment of the migration complexity. Considering that there is no limit to perfection, we continue to improve the reports and now the assessment has become even more accurate. Furthermore, the migration process from Oracle to PostgreSQL now implies an enhanced assessment of statements.

Conversion improvements:

  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of TO_NUMBER and XMLCONCAT functions, XMLTYPE conversion, UTL_FILE package, BigDecimal type conversion, cursor for loop conversion, Get/Set methods for Object TYPE and Collection, cursor parameter conversion, FRENAME procedure conversion, ALTER TYPE ADD ATTRIBUTE conversion, OUTPUT parameters, extra CASE clause for an Integer type, CASE WHEN operator, object types referenced each other conversion, object/record type assign into object or record, assign into collection, TYPE ct_rectype IS RECORD conversion.
  • Sybase ASE to Oracle: improved conversion of calling a functions, nested transactions conversion, trancount and nestlevel conversion, conversion =* and *= joins, conversion result-sets in procedures, conversion of schema for view and schema for tables and procs. Improved changing names of tables, views, index, comments and schema name with proc name. Added customization for changing names of parameters of procedures.
  • Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of migration data of generated columns
  • MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of cursor for dynamic with sub Select, format function conversion, IsDescendantOf() and ToString() methods conversion, complex UPDATE conversion, GetReparentedValue method conversion, recursive CTE, the same column names as table name conversion , boolean representation in index, xsltKeyFunction() and TRY_PARSE functions conversion, alter table statement for multiple columns conversion, MERGE statement with BY TARGET option conversion, ColumnDefaultValueList query, BitAnd conversion, name column from tempdb sys columns conversion , computed columns and hierarchy, GetLevel conversion, unicode strings, XML functions.
  • Oracle to MS SQL Server: improved conversion of select from with select, TranslateQualifiedIdentifier function
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of USE QUERY option, NUMBER data type, schema name for udt. Improved unicode path processing.
  • MS SQL Server to Oracle: improved conversion of comments starting with sharp sign.
  • C++ to C#: improved conversion of Afx_msg method, closesocket, isalpha, gethostbyname functions and socket, static string array, PHOSTENT, atoi and unsigned types. Also added macros and methods conversion, socket initialization, struct inside function, union inside function, fd_set structure, timeval struct, send function were added.
  • Visual FoxPro to C#: improved conversion of Newformcreate, NewCursor, DataEnviroment, FormProperty, Contro. Improved statistics collections.
  • Delphi to C#: improved conversion of var section, multiple var sections conversion, shortcuts, propertys, events, parameters, form padding and AutoCalcFields, properties, controls and functions conversion.
  • Informix to ASP.NET: improved conversion of Om.DomNode, ui.Form and ui.Window types, dynamic array of type, dynamic array of record in signature, AddDays function, foreach cursor and close cursor, Input and menu conversion, Dialog and DisplayArray conversion.

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