Ispirer Tools update: Smarter Assessment, Faster Migration

December 8, 2023

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements, December 2023

The more precise the assessment of the project and the expected quality of conversion, the clearer and more reliable it is for the customer. We are aware of this and therefore do our best to improve not only the quality of the code conversion and database migration, but also the way in which we evaluate the source systems.

This month we have done a great job updating the assessment tools. Assessment Toolkit now has an improved analyzing algorithm of database peculiarities and, among other things, data volume. Now the estimate has become as close to reality as possible, as it provides detailed assessment for a service proposal.

As already mentioned in our blog, Assessment Toolkit has the ability to assess the complex structures contained in a database. This feature was initially introduced for Oracle and SQL Server, and now it is also available for DB2 database constructions. After the update, the complexity estimate has become more accurate, which allows you to get a realistic time estimate for a database migration project.

And what about the conversion? We are pleased to announce that we have doubled the speed of data migration from SQL Server to MySQL. Due to multithreaded data export with an impressive speed of 320 GB/h the data migration became twice as fast. Such updates are always very important for us, as they save a considerable amount of time in the migration project.

The usability of our solutions is also a top priority. In the new update, we have taken care of creating universal reports that contain all the information the client needs in one place. The reports contain both information about conversion and import, as well as provide easy access to log files with conversion details.

Conversion improvements:

  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of CASE WHEN operator; when at esql using a collection type; SELECT with several fields conversion; cursor parameter; function with parameters as parameter in ESQL; query parameters; parameters and sequence for function/procedure in ESQL; esql fetch into collection element; string literal parameters; getting fields of SELECT * statement; FLOAT type; object type SELF as out parameter; seleсt date type for Java 8+; SELECT INTO to a variable from FOR LOOP; cursor aliases in for loop; identify exception class when convert WHEN UTL_FILE. clause; floating casting; CONVERT_EXCEPT option; instr method to BigDecimal; cursors cursor name brakes conversion of for loop; select into field of record with collection type; parameters of namedParametersl; function with an OUT parameters within a function/procedure; INSTR method; option GETTERS_SETTERS; dynamic SQL with global CONSTANT; exception when NO_DATA_FOUND; casting of bigdecimal. Improved Dynamic conversion. Updated solution related select NULL; conversion of cursor CLOSE statement and %ISOPEN attribute by Spring option; exception handling approach.
  • DB2 to SQL Server: improved nested windowed function inside the partition part conversion; select function from sysibm sysdummy, select with equal columns. Added try-catch wrap
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion SIGNAL; SQLCODE for handler FOR NOT FOUND
  • Progress to MySQL: improved Vararray columns conversion
  • SQL Server to PostgreSQL: improved money data type conversion; conversion FOR XML PATH; computed columns for PostgreSQL; default for return value; table type conversion; double slash in option value; THROW conversion; export timestamp_offset, unloading of offset sign
  • Oracle to MySQL: schema name is added when calling additional objects.
  • Oracle to SQL Server: improved aggregate functions in hierarchical queries entrans; sql remove from report and sql comments start; conversion code contains a pivot
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved Json put conversion; call procedures with DBlinks; autonomous transactions; JSON_TABLE() COLUMNS conversion; JSON_OBJECT_T to JSONB conversion; JSON_ARRAY_T and json function conversion; migration of partitioned tables with several ranges; SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH and CONNECT_BY_ROOT. Improved conversion of TO_DATE function; type is table of the table column type; additional out refcursor; cte with hierarchical query; EXTRACT and EXTRACTVALUE function; sequence in package; for packages with with options CONVERT_PACKAGE_TO_SCHEMA and EMPTY_SCHEMA; type is table in procedure; TABLE OF data types; Improved adding alias; varray type as member of another type; functions having inout parameters. Removed CONVERT_ORACLE_PLJSON option usage. Improvement conversion of hierarchical queries; delete table_variable data
  • Oracle to SAP HANA: improved CTE conversion
  • PostgreSQL to Oracle: improve conversion of foreign key on table from the schema.
  • SQL Server to Greenplum: improved WITH OIDS conversion
  • COBOL to C#: improvement conversion of DB context in Records file; Entities conversion; the Exec SQL Connect statement; no data sql code and incorrect flag assignment, FD section
  • Delphi to C#: improvement related to the DataModule objects, Connection and DataSource initialization, DataAdapter initialization, ViewModel generation.
  • Informix to PostgreSQL: improved export of BLOB data

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