What’s New in Ispirer Toolkit, August 2022

August 9, 2022

Ispirer Toolkit Improvements

Dear customers and friends,

We are thrilled to announce that Ispirer Toolkit has been majorly updated. We are constantly working hard for adding a ton of new conversion rules to make the migration process smoother and faster. We value our customers’ time and care about the efficiency of using our solutions, so the more conversion rules - the better quality of the migration.

Besides, we don’t forget about user-friendliness. Ispirer Toolkit has significant upgrades in GUI to make working with our tool even more convenient. We have simplified the configuration process and added the possibility to check the correctness of the entered data for the connection to the target database.

What is more, we have added the function of generating a migration report for MySQL, MariaDB and forks targets, so that customers can evaluate the migration results in details.

The new features were added for the following directions:
  • Oracle to MySQL: improved SELECT with UNION\UNION ALL, date difference and date add conversion.
  • Oracle to Java: improved conversion of CURSOR FOR UPDATE, LENGTH function, EXIT WHEN NOT FOUND exception.
  • Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server: optimized conversion of subqueries.
  • Oracle to Teradata: improved conversion of extractvalue function.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of global variables\constants and user types when converting package to schema, CONNECT BY LEVEL, TRUNC with DATES, cursor with %rowcount, LISTAGG with distinct option. Added conversion of JSON_OBJECT function.
  • DB2 to PostgreSQL: improved conversion of exception handlers, Cursors with return clause, sp with RERTURN statement, OUT parameters with default values, UPDATE of multiple columns using select, Delete from SELECT, SIGNAL and RESIGNAL statements, IDENTITY column. Added conversion of IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL function.
  • DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server: improved conversion of insert with more than 1000 rows at once, CURSOR with return for dynamic cursors. Added conversion of VARCHAR_FORMAT function.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Java: improved conversion for INSERT INTO XML column, Table variables.
  • Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL: added conversion of XML.QUERY().VALUE() construction.
  • Informix to Oracle: improved conversion of VARCHAR and NVARCHAR data types.
  • Teradata to Vertica: improved conversion of CREATE TABLE statement.
  • Pascal to C#: added conversion of TGUID, TLIST, TComboBox, tstack, TLISTBOX, TDictionary, TScrollBar data types; Items.Strings, TabOrder, KIND properties; ROUND function, XAML special characters (<,>, '#39'), EZeroDivide and EOverflow exceptions, ClientToScreen and ScreenToClient WPF functions. Improved conversion of MessageBox, enum range conversion, bitwise operands.
  • COBOL to Java: improved conversion of variables with NC"" format, MOVE command, variables from structures, ‘NOT =’ conditions.
  • Informix 4GL to Java: improved conversion of Dynamic arrays and dynamic array of record.

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