Simple, modern and superfast .NET 7!

November 29, 2022

Simple, modern and superfast .NET 7

Recently the 7th version of .NET has been released by Microsoft. This news could not be ignored as part of our commitment to helping customers convert their applications to the most effective technologies. That is why it is our pleasure to inform you that Ispirer Toolkit now supports .NET 7.

The 7th version of .NET 7 Microsoft has a lot of improvements, including a few noteworthy features below.

  • Renewed Native AOT. The biggest advantage of it is the performance improvement, according to Microsoft mainly in startup time, memory usage and disk size.
  • On-stack replacement (OSR) that allows changing the executed code by the way in the middle of its execution. This will help the long-running methods to shift to a faster version in the middle of the execution.
  • Profile-guided optimization (PGO) now works with OSR and is easier to enable. PGO can also instrument and optimize additional things, such as delegates.
  • Performance improvements to the Mono runtime, which powers Blazor WebAssembly, Android, and iOS apps.
  • Improved code generation for Arm64.

With so many cool new features, we suspect many of you will be as eager as we are to incorporate .NET 7 into your projects.

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