PostgreSQL 15 is now supported by Ispirer Toolkit!

November 16, 2022

Ispirer Toolkit Supports PostgreSQL 15

Dear customers,

As you all know PostgreSQL 15 has been released recently. We were impressed by the tons of new features and improvements in the newest version and happy to inform you that Ispirer Toolkit now officially supports migration to PostgreSQL 15.

A new version of the popular open-source database offers performance improvements over PostgreSQL 14 and new functions and capabilities for managing workloads in local and distributed deployments. Sorting has become up to 400% faster, but the most noteworthy feature is probably the MERGE command. It makes PostgreSQL more compatible with SQL Server-based relational database management systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE, and any others that support the Transact-SQL set of programming extensions.

Ispirer Toolkit lets you migrate outdated databases to PostgreSQL 15 seamlessly.

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